Cards for Soldiers project’s first blog post!

Welcome to the Cards for Soldiers project blog.  Here you can find info about how to participate in sending your hand-made cards to our troops deployed away from home.  In this first post we want to familiarize you with what exactly Cards for Soldiers does and the best way to do that is to post this note from the founder, Charly Matthews:

Cards for Soldiers was started in October 2005 by myself to support my husband’s troops deployed to the Middle East. It has always been a one woman owned Non-Profit Corporation with the mission to send handmade, blank cards and signed Christmas, Thank You, and Get Well Cards to deployed units or service members overseas or the soldiers to use to write to family and friends. It’s been the most rewarding project I have ever been involved in and a big hit with the soldiers! Please join me in my program to support the troops! Check out the details and address below. Follow the site for special requests for projects from the USO’s, American Red Cross, The Warrior Project’s, bases, ships, and individual service members. Thank you for encouraging those who put their lives on the line on a daily basis. Please help us to support our troops and their families morale. Feel free to share this post with everyone you know. If you have a service member overseas get their information to me so that we can provide them with bulk packages to share.

The basic rule for overseas is no glitter.  However, the ones with glitter go to the local VA hospital, so glitter away if you choose and bag them separately marked for our VA hospitalized veterans program.

Card Specs: 

1.  Cards should not be to bulky and all cards needs their own envelope. Any size up to 5×7 PLEASE provide an envelope with your card. We have not been getting envelopes donated lately and this is a huge expense to purchase them. Please remember to leave the cards BLANK ON THE INSIDE, with a self-stick note from you (or your child) to the soldier if desired. You are also more than welcome to put your signature on the back of the card to let them know who made it. Another idea is to put an address label on the back of the card, many card makers do this and they have gotten nice notes this way! Should you get a message from a service member or a family member that receives a card Please be generous and post the message on the site for everyone to see. 

2.  Cards should not be too bulky as they need to fit inside the envelopes we provide. The most important requirement is NO GLITTER please!! Glitter falls off and can stick to the soldiers and make them shine at night when they are trying not to be seen! Glitter specs can make them a target to a sniper. Ranger stickles is OK or if you seal your glitter with something so that if you were to rub really hard on the glitter and NOTHING comes off on your fingers, that too is OK. 

3.  DIMENSION is OK (buttons, brads, rhinestones, etc) but please make sure the card will fit through a postage meter. You can get these from the post office for free along with your priority boxes and priority tape. The soldiers don’t have to pay for their postage the cards are metered so they can’t be thicker than that. Thank you! 

4.  Dark cards MUST be lined with white on the inside. The soldiers don’t have white pens on hand, keep this in mind please! We do send a pen with every packet, so if you would like to send pens with your cards, pens would be a welcomed donation as well.

5.  General Occasion cards are ALWAYS welcome with any of the cards you send, including Birthday, Miss You, Thank You, etc. Kid related cards are very popular. Thank You, Holiday, and Get Well cards are used in large volumes, especially hand-signed ones. Those are great cards for bulk and class making cards.  We also will take the commercial greeting cards as fillers and to have people hand sign messages in them, as well as donations of pens, stationary and card making materials.  

Then they get mailed to me for packing up and shipping to various locations.

Cards for Soldiers
C/O Charly Mathews
388 E M 72 HGWY
Grayling, MI 49738

Keep receipts for your materials and postage. I will send tax receipts out at the end of the year, so make sure that I have your full name and address. You can keep track of the number of cards you send and assess an average of $3 per card or more as a donation. Only you know how much time, material and effort you put into your cards.”

And that’s the down low from Charly.  Please let us know if you have any questions about her project to send cards for our overseas troops.  We will post pictures of cards received for our troops as well as the thank you notes/messages/updates that Charly receives.   You can also get details at:

Thank you so much!




Valentine’s Day from Iraq

Here is a great picture of one of our troops who is in the sandbox.


As you can see, your efforts are really appreciated by those stationed in far away places.  Thank you and keep em’ coming!